Our enthusiastic client was willing to work with us to develop a master plan marked by handcraft and attention for roughly six acres of a large parcel. We pushed the envelope artistically while at the same time ensuring the work was delivered on time and on budget.

Design Scope

Dry-laid ledge-stone retaining walls create a framework for a screened room, gardens, fire-pit, guesthouse, and hot tub. We designed the wall to complement tiers of stacked logs and a kitchen garden. Plantings border the entrance drive, and provide a footing for numerous client-sited sculptures. Four types of rock, including field-stone from the property and cobbles from India, combine to create a cohesive courtyard and entrance. The stonework almost seems living. While the space is designed to allow for the parking of numerous vehicles, it is also a place to walk and gather. Radiant heat warms the parking area, melting the snow. As a result, guests can walk between the two buildings, snow removal is simplified, and the hand-set stonework can be appreciated year-round. As snowmobile enthusiasts, the homeowners can come in from the chill by entering the main living space of their home via heated granite steps and stone terraces. The "pools" or gathering places between flights, reflect the beaver ponds. Complementing the nearby cabin and view, a timber-framed log structure creates a place to eat away from the mosquitoes. This staircase leads up to the kitchen, defined by a hand-made sculptural rail. Inside the bathhouse, built-in seats and sewn curtains surround the tub, inviting leisure. Inside the screened room, one can look up and enjoy detailed handcraft and cedar shakes beyond.  Inspired by a Japanese spa in California, clients requested a version that would be fitting for New England.