approach & Process

Terrigenous is known for its skillful project management, guiding projects from their inception to completion, as well as its focus on ethical, environmentally sound practices, and one-of-a-kind craftmanship and construction.

We are a "soup to nuts" architecture design and build firm. As the head designer and architect of Terrigenous, Wunderle utilizes the talents of a team of landscape specialists including builders, carpenters, horticulturalists, and masons. Scott insures the successful completion of each project's vision by being hands on during each step of the process.

By integrating the language of fine art within the landscapes that surround us, we create meaning where there is misunderstanding and clarity where there is imbiguity. At Terrigenous, we believe that the light that makes its way though the forest floor is as vital to a design's overall affect as the constructed objects.  


Phase One: Design

Develop your idea

The beginning of the process includes information gathering, schematic design, preliminary project planning, and design development. A visual assessment is made using surveys, photos, and drone imagery. Concepts are represented through abstract drawings, perspectives, sketches, models, and images. Materials, details, dimensions, and specifications are determined.