Testimonial 4 by Katie Hamlin

“It was magical to come home to the landscaping vehicles all gone, the slope totally green, and the walk along the brook looking like a park! The entire job is beautiful. Every year it will grow to be even more exciting for us and wildlife. Sitting by the pond and seeing the reflection of the diving platforms in the water, and being able to jump right in on a hot afternoon… it’s a dream come true in so many ways. The patio!! Gorgeous! Thank you for your attention to detail, your patience, your creativity, and your skill. I loved working with you.”


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Testimonial 1 by Katie Hamlin

“Scott combines a rare set of qualities ideal for a landscape architect: an eye for creative solutions, the temperament to work effectively with clients, and the skills to execute the final design. My husband and I enjoyed working with him on several projects, and appreciate every day the results of his labors." 

— Wendy R.

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Testimonial 5 by Katie Hamlin

"The time came for us to do a complete re-landscaping of our second home here in Vermont. Our basic lawn, random perimeter plants, and a small patio were nice, but we really wanted to get more out of our property. Scott's team at Terrigenous were a dream to work with." 
— Melanie S.

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Testimonial 3 by Katie Hamlin

“We are over the moon on your work! You are a true artist with stone. We love your stone pier and the stone settee. We can see the pier as being a nice place to step down and push off for a swim. In sum, we are very pleased with your work.”

— Dave, Laura, and Emily

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