We were contracted to elaborate upon an earlier tree inventory prepared for the Town of Chester and the Chester Conservation Committee by the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program and the UVM Extension. This latest effort was funded by a grant from the Vermont Department of Forest Parks and Recreation and took a closer look at existing conditions, maintenance, and proposed plantings within the designated Village Center.

Design Scope

We worked with a small committee of interested citizens on the CVCMP. The streetscape within the designated Village Center and beyond was walked and contemplated one lot at a time. The final report, which includes 260 parcels, balances native and non-native plantings capable of surviving the harsh conditions along the roadside, with an emphasis on natives. In addition to making specific recommendations, the concepts were organized by priority to help the town with long-term planning pertaining to the public rights-of-way along the main roads.

In the summer of 2018 we began the implantation of of the highest priority trees, as well as a nearby sitting area "pocket park," which was one of the many suggestions detailed in the 2018 "Rediscovering Chester: a Master Plan for the Village Center."