Springfield Hospital gave Terrigenous a limited amount of time to design and develop construction drawings for a garden that would be welcoming and appropriate for patients and visitors to the Hospital, while not increasing the Hospital's "impervious surface". 

Design Scope

Our design was inspired by the curvature of the human spine.  The path through the garden aligns with this graceful bend.  The brick patterned walkway creates individual spaces along a unifying collective experience, mirroring a body's individual relationship with the cycle of life. This space was designed around the premise that the garden should invite passers-through. There was a desire to embed the experience of a garden space with the everyday workings and circulation of the Hospital. Viewed from across the street, the garden is seen as a link between the emergency room and the Hospital's main entrance, and between multiple forms of transportation. Whether contemplating birth or the end of life, benches and plantings provide a place for repose for those experiencing some of life's most key moments.